Welcome to Composite Coatings, Inc.

Composite Coatings, Inc. is a
supplier of exterior grade, UV
curable coatings for construction
and industrial products produced
from PVC, fiberglass, WPC’s,
cementitious, and other
composite substrates. These
coatings are custom formulated
for each product application and
are available in a clear coat or
colors and at various gloss
levels. These coatings exhibit
superior adhesion, color hold,
gloss retention and resistance to
stain, scratch, heat, mold, and

They are 100% solids, thus they contain no volatile organic
compounds (VOC’s) or hazardous air pollutants (HAPs).

CCI licenses the ultra violet coating technology from Finishes Unlimited, Inc.

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Sugar Grove, IL 60554

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We are proud to announce that the U.S. Patent Office issued Finishes
Unlimited patents for “Methods for Providing Radiation Cured  Coatings  
on Substrates” under USPTO Patent Number 8304032 and "radiation
curable-coating compositions, composite and plastic materials coated
with said compositions and methods for their preparation" under USPTO
Patent Number 8440013.

The coatings covered under this patent are produced by Finishes
Unlimited, which holds the patent and are marketed under license
through Composite Coatings, Inc.
The curable coating composition is suitable for use on composite substrates
such as plastic composites, cementitious composites, ceramic composites,
engineered wood, fiberglass, or on plastic materials. Also disclosed in the
patent is a method of coating the substrates with the curable coating
composition and a coated substrate wherein the cured composition resides on
the surface of the substrate. The coatings are designed for interior and exterior
environments and are available in a wide range of colors, stains, and clear
coats at various gloss levels.