CCI licenses the ultra violet coating technology from Finishes Unlimited, Inc.

Depending on the size and shape of the profile to be coated as well as the
manufacturer’s preference, CCI’s UV curable coatings can be applied
using conventional spray, electrostatic, HVLP, air assist, airless, flow,
roll, dip, or vacuum coating equipment. The coated profile is then passed
through a chamber containing UV lamps curing the film almost instantly.

Some substrates such as fiberglass, polyolefin’s, wood-plastic
composites, and others may require one of a number of readily available
pretreatment methods to promote adhesion. One such method consists
of applying our UV Cure Transition Coat which is cured before applying
the UV Cure finish coat.  No sanding is required between coats.
CCI works closely with application and
curing equipment providers in
matching the coating and application
process in order to provide optimal
performance, efficiency, and return on

Manufacturers have the option of
coating their profiles in-line or off-line
at a later date allowing the
manufacturer flexibility in meeting their
customer’s needs.

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